Snapshots from Training and Coaching Engagements

John is a superb and patient coach and teacher.

As a coach, he has a very understanding approach that somehow combines calmness, humour and genuine interest. Each session generates new insights and also builds energy and motivation, which then trickles-down onto those I work with following each session.

As a teacher of agile coaching, John's experience shines through. He covers topics in a friendly manner, and always is able to elaborate by recounting his own experiences. This helps to give extra depth and when I come across similar situations, the situations he shared come quickly to mind.

I'm very appreciative of what I've gained from working with John, and can highly recommend him both as a coach, and a teacher for those looking to increase their proficiency as an agile practitioner or coach.

Greg Sharpe
Agile Coach and EduTainment Game Developer

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