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Business Agility Coaching

Learn how to reinvent business models, test and deploy new products and services, and develop a value proposition that resonates with new and existing customers. 

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

Why Invest in Business Agility?

Over the past few years, we have seen an enormous amount of change and disruption.

After years of uncertainty following Brexit, a global pandemic has devastated businesses and shattered a wide variety of traditional markets in its wake.

The US Army refer to this as VUCA:

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity

If your business follows a traditional waterfall-style style of project management and product development, the past 5 years will have been an emotional rollercoaster set to the soundtrack of ‘boulevard of broken dreams’.

By contrast, VUCA is the territory in which Business Agility thrives.


"An online Entrepreneurship Academy that enables you to cultivate high-performing, Agile organisations and departments that unleash people’s creativity and passion." - John McFadyen

The Agile Entrepreneurs Academy is aimed at Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs that want to adopt a more adaptive and responsive style of product/service development that enables them to rapidly create and iterate through small, collaborative, and creative teams.

Many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs lack a high-performance coach and mentor that can help them find compelling solutions in the crucible of creative challenges and high-octane disruption.

The Agile Entrepreneurship Academy is an online Academy that works in small cohorts of 10 to 12 individuals and provides coaching and mentoring that helps you unlock compelling and divergent solutions to the creative challenges presented to you.

The group dynamic is just as important as the personalised coaching and mentorship. You will be connected to individuals who are as dynamic, driven and creative as you are within a coaching and mentorship relationship that is designed to bring the absolute best out of you.

The personalised, engaging and interactive sessions are designed to challenge your thinking, to help you grow into solutions and craft compelling products and services through a framework of tried and tested tools.

Tools that have been critical to our coaches and mentors through some of the UK and Europe’s largest and most challenging Business Agility transformations. Tools that will be shared with you to help you build a culture and mindset that embraces Business Agility as a framework for innovation


What The Academy Program Entails?

Business Model Canvas Design

Create, iterate and reinvet business models using the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas.

Scrum Product Ownership

Scrum Product Ownership basic to advanced level with a Certified Scrum Trainer and Enterprise Coach.

Prototyping and Rapid Testing

Learn how to create and iterate on products and services using Scrum, Experiments and testing techniques.

Business Agility Coaching

Small cohort coaching groups combined with half-day workshops led by a Certified Team and Enterprise Coach.

Overview of the Agile Academy

Scrum was built on the value proposition of achieving twice as much in half the time.

The Agile Entrepreneurs Academy uses Scrum Product Ownership as a platform and coaches you through Product Ownership Innovation, Business Model Canvas Design and Innovation, and Value Proposition Canvas Development.

The weekly 90-minute coaching sessions combine with a half-day, high-performance workshop every other month to embed a culture and mindset of Business Agility in cohorts and individuals.

We teach you to think like the kinds of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who launched and work at brands like Spotify, AirBnB, Uber and WhatsApp. We teach you how to cultivate high-performing, Agile organisations and departments that unleash people’s creativity and passion.

We teach you how to get your ideas out into the world, prioritised and structured, and how to develop those ideas through multiple iterations within frameworks that have been battle-tested in some of the most demanding applications on earth.

Environments like Spotify, Netflix and SAAB. Environments where challenges equal opportunities and divergent, design-thinking trumps cascading, waterfall-style project management.

Environments where Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs thrive. People like you. People like the coaches and mentors you’ll be working with. People like the people in your Academy.

We have supported and coached people from some of the world’s most progressive companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Agile Entrepreneurship Academy costs £295 per month over a minimum of 6 months and an average of 12 months.

Yes, it does. The 6 month track will include a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certification whilst the longer cohorts will include Advanced CSPO, Certified Scrum Professional Product Owner certifications and opportunities to certify as a professional coach.

You can opt for a monthly debit order of £295 or you can choose to pay the full term (either 6, 12 or 24 months) upfront.

Yes. If you’re a business owner or independent consultant you are able to claim tax back on your investment. If you’re an intrapreneur, your company will be able to claim costs from your training.

After the first 6 month period, you can cancel on a month to month basis. If you need to postpone, we’ll simply accommodate you on a later cohort.

You can email or call Mika on +44 (0) 20 39165811 (UK).

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