An Agile coach is someone who helps align a team with Agile values and principles so that the team can thrive.

They are invested in creating an environment where teams can build products and services that truly delight customers. They do so by questioning the status quo and inspiring teams to dig deeper on every effort.

A great deal of progression in the Agile world comes from thought and reflection.

An Agile coach works with teams to reflect on what has happened and how to evolve because of the challenges that may be tripping them up.

An Agile coach works with Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and the development team to focus on the why. Why are we building this product? Why does it matter? How is it going to have a significant impact in the lives of our customers?

An Agile coach is often an individual who has significant experience as a practitioner.

Their journey has been informed by overcoming challenges as practitioners, for example a Scrum Master, and they bring a blend of coaching and mentorship to help others progress toward their goals and objectives.

An Agile coach will have invested a great deal of time working in team environments and will have a deep understanding of the kind of challenges that teams encounter.

They have a great understanding of team dynamics and invest themselves in aligning the team with high-performing, Agile ways of working that help teams unleash their creativity and passion.

Agile coaches use a blend of professional coaching skills as well as their own practitioner skills to create environments where others can excel.

They are deeply invested in individuals as well as the team and use their expertise and experience to help the team overcome challenges and produce their best work.

If you are interested in becoming an Agile coach, there are a number of paths you can follow.

If you are currently a Scrum Master, visit our Advanced Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master course pages to deepen your expertise as a practitioner. From there, visit our Agile Coaching Academy course pages to deepen your expertise as a coach.

If you are currently a Product Owner, visit our Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner course page to deepen your expertise as a Product Owner and visit our Agile Coaching Academy course pages to deepen your expertise as a coach.

The Agile Coaching Academy will help prepare you for the Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach and Certified Enterprise Agile Coach certifications.

You can also visit the IC Agile Certified Agile Team Coaching course pages for an accelerated course in Agile coaching.

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