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If you’re an entrepreneur, these articles, videos and resources are going to be a catalyst for all kinds of awesome in your world.

Only 60 of the original Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955 remain. To both survive and thrive in the 21st Century economy requires a culture and mindset of Business Agility.

To be adaptive, responsive and resilient rather than robust. Music to entrepreneurial ears.

Whether you’re creating products or services, Scrum and Agile have something compelling to offer.

The ability to rapidly create, iterate and deploy with a culture of continuous improvement to build and sustain competitive advantage baked into your organisation’s DNA.

Tap into to the Product Owner framework and Scrum Master approach to get your ideas into the hands of paying customers rapidly, cost-effectively and sustainably.

John McFadyen is an entrepreneur who’s built 3 successful organisations and continuous to work with organisations both large and small, as a coach, as a trainer, and as a mentor.

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