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Deep within the soul and organisational DNA of the largest multi-national lies a glowing ember of the start-up they once were.

Here and there, you’ll still find traces of their journey from start-up to small business and from small enterprise to medium sized enterprise.

There’s more than scale that separates a multi-national organisation from an SME. There’s processes, systems, and culture. People.

Yet when we remove the red tape, the committees and the endless rounds of approvals, we find the deep desire for Business Agility and freedom to create present in even the most conservative of organisations.

Business Agility is a culture, a mindset of innovation, iteration and continuous improvement. A desire to work in an environment that unleashes our creativity and passion.

John McFadyen and Agile Centre are deeply committed to cultivating high-performing, Agile organisations that achieve exactly that.

Unleash people’s creativity and passion. Facilitate rapid and creative product and service development. Promote shared understanding, learning and continuous improvement.

In this section, you’ll find super useful and compelling articles, video and tools that demonstrate that value of embracing Agile values and principles, regardless of the process and systems you currently work with.

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